Companies like Aviva, BBC, Red Bull, Google, CocaCola, Nestlé are making a big bets on startups. Our early growth venture capital fund is backed by forward thinking corporates who see the world of opportunity in startups that are defining their future.

We invest in technology businesses driven by smart entrepreneurial teams with disruptive ideas for extreme impact solutions. We invest in proven future forward startups who are ready to scale, typically from seed to pre Series B. Ventures which have the potential to disrupt key industries that we know today.  The mega game-changers of traditional industries guide our investment selection. The Netflixes and Teslas of this world.


We invest across the US, Israel and Europe. A particular focus area is emerging talent from the Nordics. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland have a strong tradition of innovation, and have produced more than 30% of European technology unicorns (start-ups valued at $1 billion) since the year 2000.


Our team have lived and excelled in all aspects of building, scaling and selling startups. With deep roots in corporate enterprise and the Fortune 500, we understand what keeps innovation executives up at night.


Ventures that are selected gain access to unique resources that we deploy via our accelerator Venturespring Ignite. Important resources are deployed to help your startup grow and scale.

  • We are super connected and believe on passing on these valuable connections for the greater good.

  • We are at hand to help the startups in our portfolio 24x7x365.

  • With access to our expansive corporate network and resources like new customers, distribution and advertising our startup partners can scale quicker.

  • We have an unparalleled track record in bridging the gap between the startup and corporate space.

  • We are focussed on results and ROI and the bottom line in everything that we deliver.

  • We are experts in startup acceleration and venture development.

  • We have helped more than 120 corporations and startups in partnership and acceleration opportunities.